Dignity at Mediline

Posted April 2, 2014


“Do you believe in Dignity in Care?  Are you a Dignity Champion?”

dignity banner

The Dignity in Care Campaign aims to stimulate a national debate around the need for people receiving care to be treated with Dignity.  The aim is to create a zero tolerance approach to the abuse of, and disrespect towards vulnerable people.

The campaign is about winning hearts and minds, changing the culture of care and placing a greater emphasis on quality of care.

It includes action to:

  • Raise awareness of Dignity in Care
  • Inspire local people to take action
  • Share good practice and give impetus to positive innovation
  • Transform services by supporting people and organisations in providing dignified services
  • Reward and recognise those people who make a difference and go that extra mile.

In support of this campaign, people across the country from all walks of life.  At Mediline we are passionate about this campaign and encourage everyone to sign up and become a Dignity Champion.  If you would like to join our big network then click on http://www.dignityincare.org.uk/Becoming_a_Dignity_Champion/ and play your part.