The essence of being a carer

Posted August 26, 2016


The essence of being a carer.

Hello, I have worked in the care sector now for 10 years as a Health Care Assistant and activity Coordinator.

I love where I work. I love my clients. I have met some truly amazing people and their loving families over this time. I’m just writing to you to share a poem that I wrote a couple of years ago. We also encourage other carers and nurses to share their words.

I’ll make you laugh, I’ll make you smile.

I’ll sit with you and talk for a while.

I’ll be your friend when you are sad.

And remember good times that you’ve had.

Then when you get towards the end.

I’ll still be there to be your friend.

I’ll hold your hand if nobody’s there.

I’ll be there for you to show I care.

I will miss you when you are gone, but you’re tired now you’ve been so strong.

Good night god bless to all we’ve lost.