Short fall of Carers in Burton-on-Trent

Posted October 12, 2016

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Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent. Demand for care services is increasing year on year as the baby boomer generation reach older ages.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

There is a vast shortfall in carers leaving the elderly and disabled lonely and vulnerable and without enough support. You could make a difference in areas like Burton-on-Trent where high levels of well-paid employment in the area drain the pool of suitable people that make brilliant carers further.

If you have never even thought of being a carer, what qualities does it take to make an award winning carer? What do we look for in person to join our life improving team of Everyday Hero’s at Mediline?

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Carers need to have a genuine concern for other human beings.

Those that need support come from all backgrounds and all walks of life and have wide ranging conditions that make an everyday living, sometimes the simple things we take for granted a challenge. You must have total compassion for fellow human beings, putting others first is in your nature.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Care and support, without prejudice.

A Mediline Everyday Hero care is capable of treating all clients with dignity, respect and equally, sensitivity to the situation. Our carers come to the job without prejudices or preconceptions about the role that they fulfill like any other front line medical and care professional

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Listen and empower.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent. Our carers to be effective in their role of care high-quality caregiving must be able to listen and empower the person receiving their care. The aim is not to take over, but where possible encourage and support the person in their daily way of living, so the individual is in control an able to choose how much support they need and how the care is carried out. A carer should always aims to maintain or increase a client’s independence.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Dependable and reliable.

The person receiving care puts their life often in the hands his or her carer. When tasks are as important as helping someone to get up in the morning, wash, dress and take their medication. Can you image not being able to get out of bed your are alone and need the toilet or a drink? Just because the individual decided not to turn up to work?

One great Mediline Everyday Hero story is one of our carers walking many miles through blizzard conditions in remote Derbyshire to reach a client trusting in their care. It was not expected or asked. The carer just did it; such was their cause and commitment to their client. So caregivers should be selfless, conscientious and dependable, arriving punctually and carrying out their tasks to the best of their ability.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Team spirit, one team working together that serves others.

Everyone at Mediline plays their part in delivering exceptional care. Working together is key, supporting and understanding each other. Listening, learning and improving, sharing skills and insights. There is alway someone to step in and help you, and that comradery gets care delivered well and consistently.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Organised and good communicators.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent. Carers are professionals. Carers must be well organised and able to respond to the unexpected. The person they are supporting might want to visit a friend and travel or need to attend a medical appointment or fall unexpectedly ill. A professional carer must be able to react calmly and responsively, whatever the situation.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Cheerful and positive outlook.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent. Above all, a carer must be determined to make a positive difference to someone’s life. That means supporting the individual with a cheerful demeanor, taking the initiative to make sure that person can live as independently and as happily as possible.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent

Make a difference, everyday.

Live in Care Jobs in Burton-on-Trent. In return, a carer can expect a personally rewarding and satisfying job. The satisfaction that only comes from building a constructive, helping relationship with the person they support and their local community. You can get up in the morning, look in the mirror and honestly say “I am making a difference today.”

It’s a bit of fun but why not take the Mediline Everyday Hero compassion test? Scroll through and have a look on our careers page.

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