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About Mediline

A family care business

Mediline was founded in 2003 by Peter Cook. A local community Pharmacist who recognised that some of his more elderly customers would like to stay in their own homes, but required reliable, trustworthy care support from people with qualifications and integrity.

Compassion and dedication

Mediline is all about human compassion. We provide quality visiting and live in care that is fully personalised to individual circumstances, from home visits to complex needs. Our aim is to enable people to live happily and independently, maintaining the best quality of life possible for themselves and their families. Our care staff are selected for their compassion and often heroic dedication to providing the best help to others. It’s more than a job to our carers, it’s a complete commitment to helping others.

The everyday hero – A philosophy

The philosophy of the “Everyday Hero” was born by observing how our carers behave. Ordinary people working together to supporting the most vulnerable in their local community, with love, dignity and respect. Often going above and beyond the call of duty, walking miles on foot, through snow, to put others first. This is just one of the many exceptional examples of the lengths our carers will go to to ensure that our clients get the best possible care.

As a result of the ‘right stuff’ fundamentals that the Mediline care team have built, we have earned a benchmark reputation across the Midlands for providing high quality care. The team win numerous awards for quality and receive many personal letters of thanks from clients and families of clients.

Welcome to the home of our Everyday Heroes.

How can our services benefit you?

It’s all about you.

After you contact us, we help tailor a service around you and your family, based on a careful understanding of your individual support needs. You will have your own personal care coordinator as a direct point of contact during the time you require care.

Once we have created your bespoke care package, we match you with a suitable carer that covers your area. We believe in matching carers to clients based on personality and interests. We prioritise comfortable rapport as much as care competencies and qualifications. You may ask to have your carer changed at any time. We are always looking for feedback to ensure compatibility and that you or you loved one are above all, happy.

Standards you can trust

Mediline carers and nurses consistently maintain high standards in care and support.

These are set by our highly trained team of care and nursing staff who are supported by a dedicated management team. We operate a comprehensive programme of ongoing training and development to ensure we remain at the forefront in the provision of high quality care.

Mediline is registered with the Care Quality Commission which is a government body tasked with maintaining the highest level of quality of care provision from their members.

In addition Mediline is a member of the United Kingdom Home Care Providers Association which is the national professional and representative association for organisations who provide care to people in their own homes, which means that you will receive the highest quality of care on all occasions.


Our Values

We aim to provide our clients with a comprehensive service of care of the highest quality within their own home environment. We strive to offer a flexible, efficient and professional service which is tailored to meet each person’s individual needs.Teenager bodybuilding guide: hvordan man træner, spiser og dyrker clomid tager valleprotein drikke før træning – progymnation: bodybuilding.

We will treat each client with respect and remain sensitive to their individual needs and abilities, and aim to promote the client’s independence and personal dignity.

  • Quality

    We will be committed at all times in delivering quality and professionalism.
  • Dignity

    We will promote a dignified service, acting with compassion and working in person centred way. We will encourage people to be able to confide in us, without fear of retribution.
  • Respect

    We will be respectful of others and treat each and every person we have contact with in this way, regardless of who they are.
  • Development

    We will promote development and support anybody who wants to achieve their full potential.
  • Integrity

    We will be open and honest at all times, working in a way which promotes trust and take responsibility for all our actions.

What are our Care Support Workers like?

Our carers and nurses have built up a fantastic reputation for their high standards in care and support.

Before working with us and regardless of their previous experience or qualifications, all our staff are thoroughly assessed to make sure that they meet our high standards, which reflect those set out by our Regulator, the Care Quality Commission. We are also committed to the continuous professional development of our team and provide training and support to all staff.

The end result is that you can be assured that you have someone coming into the home of those being cared for who is highly professional, reliable, safe, well trained and from diverse backgrounds to meet cultural needs.