Staffordshire Wheels to Work

Posted June 18, 2014


Wheels to Work is aimed at helping people who cannot access employment because of a lack of public or private transport.

The transport solutions offered by Staffordshire Wheels to Work includes moped loan, an interest free loan for a bicycle, car sharing advice, personal travel plans and travel vouchers.

Clients accepted on the Wheels to Work programme are able to take up employment opportunities which would otherwise not be available. Clients are encouraged to begin a regular savings plan to help secure a long term solution to their transport needs after help from Wheels to Work ceases (after six months).

Criteria for the scheme:

To be considered for the Wheels to Work scheme you must match the following criteria:

* Have difficulty with transport which stops you taking your chosen employment opportunity

* Live in the Staffordshire County Council area (this excludes Stoke-on-Trent)

* There is no upper age limit but clients need to be over 16 years old.

Applications can be made directly to the Wheels 2 Work Co-ordinator  by calling
01785 276730 or 01785 277690 or email

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